Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I remember a unique Christmas tree (thanks, Amber, for reminding me of this memory)....

My boyfriend, Earl, lived in a house with a lot of roommates. I loved hanging out there, it was almost always fun. One roomie, named B., had a little pet marijuana plant growing in his room. It wasn't very healthy, but he lovingly tended it and cared for it anyway.

One November evening, the Christmas spirit hit early. We were all well into the rum and egg-nog, we were singing Christmas carols to anyone who would answer the phone...when we realized we had no tree! Bruce ran to his room and brought out his scrawny plant, put it on top of the TV, and we made some paper decorations for it. (These people knew how to have fun, I mean it.) It looked like Charlie Brown's pathetic tree, if Charlie had grown up to be a stoner.

Our impromptu Christmas party was rolling along beautifully. We had dug out some Christmas records and were singing along merrily, when there came a knock at the door. A peak through the window, and we all groaned. The hermit-tenant who lived downstairs had called the cops on us again! If we did anything more than hiccup, he would call the police, and they would come and roll their eyes and tell us to be quiet, knowing full well that we were being mostly good. We were used to this drill, but we had never had a marijuana plant decorated with paper chains and stars sitting on the TV before.

"Hello, officer, what seems to be the problem?"

"We've had another noise complaint, sorry about this."

"We were just singing Christmas carols. We'll try and keep it down, sir."

"OK. None of you are driving anywhere, are you?"

"No sir. All eight of us are staying right here."

"All right then. Merry...Christmas" he said with a little grin, and that was it. He left! He had been standing about two feet from a perfect reason to ruin our day, and either didn't see it, or decided not to notice it out of regard for the season.

I'm sure it was only the first week of November. Cheers, Earl and B. and M. and J. and P., wherever you are!


Dirk_Star said...

Great story! I've got one or two like it.

You write well. Keep at it and I think you may have a pretty popular blog on your hands.

Here is my "original" hippie joke.

How many hippies does it take to change a light bulb?

ANS: Who cares, I can roll in the dark!

Sean Carter said...

Hey!! Thats a damn cool story!! I,m sure all of us must be having a few experiences like this to share....

Spoke said...

I remember staggering into "Bear's" house during the holiday season in the 80's. He lived in a nasty shack with Dobermans and Pitbulls keeping six. He was a huge biker with quite a bad reputation, and quite a scruff. Anyway, in the middle of his livingroom, covered in tinsel and twinkling fairy lights, was his chopper...dripping oil on the floor in all it's glory.

Shari E said...

Hehehe... You have good luck with people with the power to arrest you! Well done.