Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I remember enjoying a free concert that I thought I would hate....

I often scored free tickets at the college radio station where I had a show. Usually these tickets were for shows I was excited about, but I ended up with two free tickets to see George Jones, Loretta Lynn, and Conway Twitty--a show I was most definitely NOT planning on seeing. My boyfriend, Earl, and I decided it would be worth going, if only for the aspect of cultural adventure.

We dressed up as if we were going to the best punk gig ever. Earl leaned over to me as we took our seats and whispered, "It looks like everyone here shops from the Sears catalogue!" I giggled. It was true! Brown dress slacks, plaid short-sleeved shirts, polyester everywhere! Earl and I were out of our element, sticking out like a black-leather thumb. We were also about ten years younger than everyone else.

George Jones was up first. I had never heard of him before, but he was a good enough showman. We weren't overly impressed, but he didn't suck, either.

Then Loretta Lynn hit the stage. Earl and I were both dumbfounded. She was incredible!! We figured she would know her way around a stage, having been in show business for so long, but we didn't expect her to be so incredibly fabulous! After one song we became loyal subjects of the Queen of Country, Loretta Lynn, and she held us captive until her very last song.

Thankfully Conway Twitty was last. He was horrible, talking to the women in the front row like a dirty old man, putting out his hand for them to kiss, which they did. It was embarrassing. Before his second song was over, we fled.

We both liked Loretta Lynn so much that we were unashamed to tell all our country-music-hating friends how awesome she was.


Take 2 said...

Whoa baby....

Never thought I would expect to hear that PJ would go listen to these artists.

Rock on girl. You always amaze me with your stories.

Thanks for your open mind and heart.


PS Thanks for your sweet comments about Z and rock friend.

Annacond said...

For his birthday, I took my Dad to see Johnny Cash back in 1991 in Mississauga. That show was fabulous. I had always loved Johnny Cash whilst growing up, Dad played his records all the time, but seeing him live was just incredible. He could still hold an audience in the palm of his hand, the ultimate performer.

Thanks for jogging my memory too.

Spoke said...

It's a shame his showing sucked. Apparently, he was very good at what he did and was well respected right up to his death. George Thorogood is one I can't stand. His influences are fantastic bluesmen but he manages to butcher this beautifully tragic music whenever he plays it. I saw him in the mid 80's and his perverted antics towards teeny-boppers at front stage made us sick! The 4 of us thought about jumpimg on stage, but decided to simply walk out...loudly. What a pig!
I was dragged off by a girlfriend to see Kenny Rogers one night too. Big argument but she won so I went along...miserably. Kenny was amazing! I don't know how, but I recognized almost every tune. Thank Jesus Dolly wasn't there...

Kim said...

Hmm...I prefer old country to new stuff...don't know Loretta Lynn,(heard of her, just don't know the music) but I adore Kenny Rogers. Old memories, but good ones of them. I love that you going out of your comfort area brought something new to you. Gotta love unexpected presents. Anyways, you rule Paula, and your song donations have been awesome...need to go burn off some music.

Belladonna said...

I was once in Nashville for a professional conference and ended up taking in a show at the Grand Ole Oprey. Much like you, I was out of my element, loved some and hated some.

Hey - I'll be thinking of you when I visit St. Catherine's monastery.
There is a small chapel there (the Chapel of St. Triphone, also known as the Skull House) which houses the skulls of deceased monks.

Don't know if photos will be allowed inside, but if so I'll be sure to take some!

papa herman said...

How wonderful those unforeseen surprises are!