Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I remember my first shoplifting experience.

I was about 8 or 9 years old, and we lived in a very small town with a very conservative Bible School. This very conservative Bible School had a book store full of books, Bibles, cards, and every other thing that you can think of that can have a Bible verse stamped on it. This particular day I was drawn to the rotating display of Chick tracts. I loved comics, and these little gospel tracts were all in comic book form, and just exactly the right size to slip into my pocket. Mom was busy talking to the saleslady, and I knew I didn't have 7 I put it in my pocket. It was easy.

As I followed Mom out of the store, the cash register at the door loomed over me like a judge pointing an accusing finger...but I made it by, cool as a cucumber. I kept the tract in my bedroom under my pillow for awhile, but I felt so darn guilty every time I read it that I couldn't enjoy it! I thought if maybe I gave it to an unsaved friend that the good would even out the guilt and I could go back to normal. (Thankfully, I resisted that urge...Have you read Chick tracts? Yikes!!)

In the end, I saved my pennies and went to the book store and quietly left the change on the counter, no explanation, no apology...just a quiet righting of the wrong.


Spoke said...

Hmmmmm,I believe my FIRST experience was nicking a package of balloons. I don't know how old I was...8or9. We skipped out of school and went to the brentwood mall.I stole the balloons from a toy store starting with the letter "w"...I don't recall the name.It was in the early 70's.As we walked thru the mall,It felt as if EVERYONE knew we cut school and that I was a thief.Hey,the store was "Toys and Wheels".Anyway, as we came around a corner in the mall,there was MY DAD!! The school called home,mum called dad, and dad left work and drove around searching for us. The mall was 5or7 miles from home.I was doomed.I heard a loud " Oi, get over here you little bugger"
As we walked out of the mall,he said " you'd better not of stolen anything". I paniced and dropped the balloons unnoticed in a fountain we passed. I don't recall the outcome,but I get the fear when I think on this for any amount of time. I bet that "loss" was why the store went under...
I still love balloons, they make me happy.

Paula said...

Dude! You are forgiven!!!

papa herman said...


No, we have never met. I used to do a 'zine, and through that became aquainted with Norman Annon.; it was through him that I first heard of you and your music. I saw you perform at a past TOMfest, and bought one of your tapes there, which I like.

One funny thing I remember from your performance is that Living Sacrifice played the nite before, and in one song you did a "mock" Living Sacrifice style vocal singing which was rather humerous.

I enjoy yours and Spoke's blogsites.

Amber said...

I love that you shoplifted a bible tract.

Anonymous said...

Um... I clicked the link for chick tracts and read one... I think you did the wrong thing by going back to pay for that tract. If you really wanted to make it right you should have stolen some more and BURNED THEM ALL!!!!