Saturday, November 03, 2007

I remember impressing boys in Junior High...

Most of my junior high years were spent hiding from boys. They either didn't notice me, or did and abused me. I found it was best to try and stay invisible, unnoticed.

But I had one talent that could not go unnoticed or unappreciated. My tongue was (and still is) as long and beautiful as Gene Simmons', and in 1978, that was saying something. Do you remember the rumor about Gene Simmons' tongue? In our school, we heard that his tongue was so long because he had a pig's tongue surgically implanted in his mouth. I was living proof of the error in that rumor.

I'd be at my locker, and some boy would come up to me and say, "Uh, I heard that you can do that Gene Simmons thing with your tongue." I'd unfurl my tongue in the appropriate shape, and the boy would get a look on his face of wonder and amazement. "Wow. Cool." The boy would walk away, and for that moment, I'd feel proud of myself.

I had so much more to offer than my long rock-and-roll tongue. None of those boys in junior high ever found that out. Their loss.


Kim said...

Why don't we have a picture of that? It would be an impressive thing in my mind.

Belladonna said...

Last Saturday I was teaching a class that has an icebreaker exercise where people write on a card something about themselves you can't tell by looking at them. I then shuffle up the cards and pass them back out and everybody has to mingle till they find the person who wrote the card they have. Then we go around the room introducing one another "Hi, I'm Pedro and I found Tawanda and she hates brussle sprouts." It goes pretty quick and gets people opening up to each other.

One of the students, a shy looking girl about 19 wrote on her card: "I can lick my own elbow." Sure enough, she demonstrated it.

I bet she could win some bar bets with a talent like that!